Manufacturing Of Hard Gelatin Capsules

Manufacturing Of Hard Gelatin Capsules

Manufacturing Of Hard Gelatin Capsules Manufacturing Of Hard Gelatin Capsules - Hard Gelatin Capsules are also known as hard-shell capsules or two-piece capsules. It has several benefits in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and dietary supplement industries. The pharmaceutical industry cannot be imagined without hard gelatin capsules because these are used to fill the drug in the form of dry powder or small pellets. If you wish to know the Manufacturing Of Hard Gelatin Capsules then you need to accept in mind, this blog is for you.
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What are Hard Gelatin Capsules?

Hard Gelatin Capsules are one of the most popular oral dosage forms that are used to encapsulate medicines, dietary supplements, as well as other active substances. Also, they consist of two cylindrical, gelatin-based shells, one fitting inside the other, and after that containing dry powders or granules. Furthermore, due to their effectiveness and consumer-friendly characteristics, these are broadly used in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and dietary supplement industries. 

Benefits of Using Hard Gelatin Capsules

The following are a few advantages of using hard gelatin capsules that are given below:
Ease of Swallowing - These are smooth, easy to swallow, as well as well-tolerated by most individuals including children and elderly people. Along with this, it makes them a preferred dosage form for supplements and medicines.
Taste Masking - The shell of gelatin supports the unpleasant taste and odor of various medications and supplements, making them more palatable for patients who seek it challenging to take them in other forms like liquids, tablets, and many more.
Versatility - These capsules are versatile. Also, these can be used to deliver a broad range of medicines such as granules, powders, pellets, as well as semi-solid formulations.
Controlled Release - Few hard gelatin capsules are designed to provide controlled or sustained release of the active ingredients. Also, it allows for a more extended therapeutic effect and lowers the frequency of dosing.
Protection From Moisture and Air - The best part of these capsules is that the shell of the capsule provides a protective barrier for the enclosed ingredients, preventing exposure to moisture and air that can degrade the active compounds over time.
Compatibility with a variety of substances - This is compatible with a broad range of active pharmaceutical ingredients as well as nutraceutical compounds. Its compatibility makes it a popular choice for encapsulation purposes.
Stability - This type of drug has excellent stability properties that help to maintain the potency and integrity of the encapsulated contents during storage.
It is important to note that the hard gelatin capsules are not suitable for all drugs and dietary supplements so before using this must consult a healthcare professional or a pharmacist.

Market Size of Hard Gelatin Capsules

Increasing the burden of chronic disease increases the demand for pharma-grade gelatin. The pharmaceutical Gelatin Market size in 2022 was valued at around USD 1.1 billion and it is estimated to reach USD 1.9 billion at the end of 2032. Globally, the hard gelatin capsules market size was estimated at USD 7.6 billion in the year 2021 and it will reach USD 7.67 billion in the year 2022.
In the Indian market, there is a huge demand for hard gelatin capsules and other pharmaceutical drugs and it is rising day by day. Due to this, people are interested and want to invest in this field. If you are the one who also wants to start your own business then it is very important to find the right company for your business that provides you with effective, safe, pure, long-shelf life products at competitive prices. 

What is the Manufacturing Process of Hard Gelatin Capsules?

Empty hard gelatin capsules are produced by using the dip-coating method. In the manufacturing process number of stages involved, so here let's take a look at some of the stages that are given below:
  • Preparation of the gelatin solution.
  • Dip coating the prepared gelatin solution on the metal pins.
  • Dip-coated pins are rotated.
  • Gelatin-coated pins drying stage.
  • This stage involves drying and trimming.
  • Trimmed capsule shells are joined.
  • The printing process takes place at this stage.

Why Choose Lifevision Healthcare As A Third Party Manufacturing Of Hard Gelatin Capsules?

Lifevision Healthcare is the fastest-growing company having many years of experience in manufacturing pharmaceutical products. This company is committed to providing customer satisfaction, and product excellence. We use quality ingredients that are tested in the laboratory before using in the products which is why we earned a reputable position in the pharma industry. Furthermore, Lifevision Healthcare is an ISO-certified pharma company and has its own WHO and GMP-certified manufacturing units.
Our company produces various ranges and forms of products such as tablets, capsules, syrups, injections, soft gel, and many more. We are also known as the Top Third Party Manufacturing Company in India. If you are seeking Hard Gelatin Capsules from Third Party Manufacturing Company then must contact Lifevision Healthcare. 
  • Timely delivery of products
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  • Third Party Manufacturing Services
  • Quality assurance

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1. Who is the Leading Hard Gelatin Capsules Manufacturer in India?
Answer. Lifevision Healthcare is the Leading Hard Gelatin Capsules Manufacturer in India.
Question 2. What is the benefit of the Hard Gelatin Capsule Manufacturing Process?
Answer. Hard Gelatin Capsules offer a number of benefits that are given below:
  • Easy to fill
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to digest
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Longer shelf life