Shampoo Manufacturers in Tamil Nadu

Shampoo Manufacturers in Tamil Nadu

Shampoo Manufacturers in Tamil Nadu

Shampoo Manufacturers in Tamil Nadu - As we all know, shampoo plays a vital role in maintaining the health and cleanliness of hair. The primary function of shampoo is to cleanse the hair and scalp by removing dirt, oil, and product buildup. Regular use helps in maintaining a clean and healthy environment for the hair to grow. Also, shampoos are formulated to control excess oil on the scalp. They help remove sebum, preventing the hair from looking greasy and weighing down. Well, if you are looking at the Top Shampoo Manufacturers in Tamil Nadu, this blog will help you find the right company for your business.

Shampoos with ingredients like keratin, amino acids, or proteins can help repair damaged hair and strengthen the hair shaft. They work to improve the overall health and resilience of the hair. Moisturizing shampoos are beneficial for those with dry or frizzy hair. These shampoos often contain ingredients like glycerin or hyaluronic acid to hydrate and lock in moisture. Well, Tamil Nadu is a state where there are a lot of people living and its total population is around 8.39 crores people as per the residents it is obvious there are so many people who need the best shampoo for their daily use that is safe for their hair and give them effective results. People demand quality products and they find a reputed and reliable manufacturing company. After seeking the demand if you want to start your own business which is why looking for the best company manufacturing and supplying then stay with us for more information.

List of Top Shampoo Manufacturers in Tamil Nadu

No doubt, there are so many companies in Tamil Nadu who manufacture and supply various products but these companies are well-reputed and have years of experience in this industry. Let's begin the list that is given below;

#1. Lifevision Healthcare

Lifevision Healthcare is a well-known pharmaceutical company with years of expertise in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of products at pocket-friendly prices. Also, this firm is ISO certified and they have the certification of GMP and WHO that ensure the quality of the products. After completing the testing, they deliver their products to clients using the best packaging material to protect them. The best part of Lifevision Healthcare is that they purchase the material for their products from trustworthy vendors which is why hundreds of clients are happy with the products of Lifevision Healthcare. 

Furthermore, their shampoo is also made from grade advanced raw materials and ingredients that are highly beneficial for sun from hair fall, damaged hair, dandruff, dry hair, frizz hair, color damage, excessive oil dry scalp, and so on. If you are still searching for the Best Shampoo Manufacturers in Tamil Nadu then Lifevision Healthcare is one of the best places for you and your business. Moreover, they also provide Third Party Manufacturing Services all across the nation.

Contact Information

Name - Lifevision Healthcare
Address - Plot No. 140-141, E.P.I.P., Phase -1, Jharmajri, Baddi, Distt. Solan (H.P.) - 174103
Phone Number - +91-9779978730
Mail ID -

#2. HCP Wellness Pvt. Ltd. 

HCP Wellness Pvt. Ltd. is a reputed company that also comes in as the Top Shampoo Manufacturing Company in Tamil Nadu. This company provides quality products at affordable prices. Also, they have a wide range of shampoos including Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo, Shampoo for Dry Hair, Medicated Shampoo, Sulfate Free Shampoo, Hair Fall Control Shampoo, and many more.

Address - 403, Maruti Vertex Elanza, Opp. Global Hospital, Sindhu Bhavan Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad-380054, Gujarat, India.

#3. Zoic Cosmetics

Zoic Cosmetics is also counted in the Top 10 Best Shampoo Brands in Tamil Nadu and offers quality herbal products that are made under the eye of experts. Also, this company offers third party and contract manufacturing services all across the nation. With a legacy of trust and quality, Zoic Cosmetics has always delivered innovative products catering to diverse hair care needs.

Address - Plot No. 194, Sector 82, Industrial Area, Industrial Area Mohali Phase 9, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160082.

#4. Godrej Consumer Products Limited

Godrej, a trusted Indian conglomerate, has a strong presence in the hair care segment. Brands like Godrej Expert, Cinthol, and BBlunt have gained popularity. The company emphasizes quality and affordability, making its products accessible to a wide range of consumers. They are also counted in the Top 10 Shampoo Manufacturers in Tamil Nadu.

#5. Dabur India Limited

Dabur, with a heritage rooted in Ayurveda, has a significant share of the shampoo market. The Vatika range, enriched with natural ingredients, has been well-received. Dabur's commitment to herbal formulations aligns with the growing consumer preference for organic and Ayurvedic products.

#6. Emami Limited

Emami has diversified its portfolio to include hair care products, and brands like Kesh King and Navratna have gained prominence. The company focuses on herbal and Ayurvedic formulations, catering to the increasing demand for chemical-free and natural hair care solutions.

#7. Lotus Herbals

While primarily known for its skincare products, Lotus Herbals has ventured into hair care, including shampoos. The brand emphasizes natural ingredients and botanical extracts, offering a range of products that appeal to consumers looking for gentler and environmentally conscious options.

#8. VLCC Personal Care

VLCC, a well-known brand in the wellness and beauty industry, has expanded its product line to include shampoos. With a focus on holistic beauty solutions, VLCC shampoos cater to specific hair concerns and preferences, combining science and nature.


Here to conclude, we give you the complete List of the Top Shampoo Manufacturers in Tamil Nadu who have several years of expertise and provide a broad range of products in different ranges at the best prices. All the companies have the certification of ISO-WHO-GMP and never compromise the quality of the products. These companies have the capacity to fulfill all the orders timely with leakage and breakage-free packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1. Which company is the Leading Shampoo Manufacturer and Supplier in Tamil Nadu?

Answer. Lifevision Healthcare is the Leading Shampoo Manufacturer and Supplier in Tamil Nadu.

Question 2. Is Lifevision Healthcare able to deliver bulk orders on time nationwide?

Answer. Yes, Lifevision Healthcare is able to deliver bulk orders on time all across the nation.