Third Party Cosmetic Manufacturers In India

Third Party Cosmetic Manufacturers In India

Third Party Cosmetic Manufacturers In India

Third Party Cosmetic Manufacturers In India - India’s cosmetic industry is booming and there are endless reasons in support of starting a cosmetic business in India. However, you will require good-quality cosmetic products to succeed in the market. So, if you are planning to start your cosmetic brand in the market, then we have an amazing offer for you. Lifevision Healthcare is one of the world-class third party cosmetic manufacturers in India offering an extensive range at the best price possible. 
Lifevision Healthcare has been a trustworthy partner for manufacturing top-class quality products in India. We have been operating in this market for more than two decades and have been a significant contributor to numerous companies across India. So, if you are interested in partnership with the leading cosmetic manufacturing company, then call Lifevision Healthcare today! Reach out to Lifevision Healthcare for the best quality cosmetic products either by calling us at +91-9779978730 or sending us an email at to reach us.

A Brief On Cosmetic Market In India 

As per recent reports, the cosmetic products market of India is an estimated value of US$12 Billion and is increasing with a CAGR rate of over 6%. There is an annual increase of nearly 20% and shows no signs of slowing down shortly. Also, there are several factors contributing to this overall surging demand for quality cosmetic products, such as -

  • The ECommerce boom in India has had a positive impact on the overall demand for cosmetic, derma, and makeup products. 
  • Customers demand more organic, chemical-free, and suitable for the Indian climate. 
  • Social media do have a positive impact on the overall demand for cosmetic products. 
  • More women entering the workforce has affected the overall demand for cosmetic range.
  • There is more disposable income that contributes to the overall demand for cosmetic products. 

So, it is quite clear that there is a huge ideal marketplace in India for starting a cosmetic brand today. ECommerce has already been an advantage for many established brands in India. So, this is the right to start your own business in the cosmetic & derma range. 

How To Find The Best Third Party Manufacturing For Cosmetic Range?

Even though it is not an easy task to find the best manufacturing facility. But here are some important points that need to be focused on for finding the best partner. Follow these easy methods to find the best cosmetic manufacturing company in India:

  • Do some research on credible businesses - Look for reputable cosmetic manufacturing companies in India through a simple Google search. Read reviews and take into account their work history.
  • Verifying the Certifications & License -  Verify the company's adherence to high-quality standards. Look for certificates from organisations like ISO, GMP, and WHO.
  • Consider product range - Check to see if the company specialises in your selected product area and offers the cosmetics you require.
  • Evaluate the manufacturing facilities -  Seek out manufacturers with cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated infrastructure for productive production.
  • Check for regulatory compliance - Make sure the third party manufacturing complies with all pertinent laws and mandates.
  • Take into account choices for formula customization -  Find out if the cosmetic company can alter its products or custom formulation to suit your particular requirements. 
  • Private labelling services - This simply means assisting in designing and packaging the product. Some top-notch third-party manufacturing companies of the cosmetic range do provide private labelling services. 

Top Third Party Cosmetic Manufacturers In India - Lifevision Healthcare 

Lifevision Healthcare is among the top-rated third party cosmetic manufacturing companies in India offering top-notch cosmetic products that are 100% safe, effective, and affordable. Being a customer-centric company, we understand the requirements of our clients and adhere to providing International quality products on time without any delays. Moreover, our company has an amazing track record and is a well-established name in the Indian pharmaceutical sector. Lifevision Healthcare owns a well-equipped manufacturing facility having all the high-tech machinery and facility for bulk manufacturing. 
In addition, Lifevision Healthcare understands the client’s requirements and we are committed to providing world-class service without any exceptions. Having more than two decades of experience in the Indian cosmetic and Pharmaceutical market we have established our name in the top cosmetic manufacturing companies in India. Apart from it, Lifevision Healthcare owns a big manufacturing facility that has ISO-WHO-GMP certification and DCGI  approval.

Highlights of Lifevision Healthcare As The Leading Cosmetic third party Manufacturing company in India

Starting a business is not an easy task but partnering with the right people is always an advantage. Lifevision Healthcare has been a reputable company for numerous small-sale, and medium businesses across India. Several reasons make us at the top of the list of cosmetic third party manufacturing companies in India, such as -

  • First of all, our company has a highly equipped manufacturing infrastructure which has state-of-the-art machinery to support bulk production.
  • Secondly, Lifevision Healthcare provides computer prices when it comes to contract/third party manufacturing services for the cosmetic range.
  • Being a reputable cosmetic company, Lifevision Healthcare provides complete solutions including custom formulations, packing, and warehouse facility.
  • Also, we are offering a wide range of cosmetics such as hair care, lotions, makeup range, and so on. 
  • At last, Lifevision Healthcare does provide free samples and assured timely delivery PAN India.

At last, if you are interested in joining hands with Lifevision Healthcare, a leading cosmetic third party manufacturer in India. Feel free to contact Lifevision Healthcare for further details today!

Contact Information

Name - Lifevision Healthcare
Address - Plot No. 140-141, E.P.I.P., Phase -1, Jharmajri, Baddi, Distt. Solan (H.P.) - 174103
Phone Number - +91-9779978730
Mail ID -

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question - What licence is required for selling cosmetic products in India?

Answer - Yes, you will need a licence such as The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, of 1940 and an FDA licence for selling cosmetic products online. 

Question - Which company provides private labelling along with third party manufacturing for the cosmetic range?

Answer - Lifevision Healthcare India provides a one-shop-stop solution for all your cosmetic third party manufacturing and private labelling services.