Top 10 Pharma Manufacturing Companies In Nagpur

Top 10 Pharma Manufacturing Companies In Nagpur

Top 10 Pharma Manufacturing Companies In Nagpur

Top 10 Pharma Manufacturing Companies In Nagpur - The pharmaceutical industry plays a critical part in improving the well-being and prosperity of individuals all over the planet. In India, this area has seen huge development throughout the long term, and urban communities like Nagpur have arisen as significant center points for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Nagpur, situated in the focal piece of India, is home to a few top-score pharmaceutical manufacturing companies that are known for their obligation to quality and innovation. In this blog, we will investigate the top 10 pharma manufacturing companies in Nagpur, including Lifevision Healthcare.

The Pharmaceutical Industry in Nagpur

Nagpur's essential area in focal India makes it an ideal destination for pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. The city's closeness to significant transportation courses and accessibility of talented labor supply play had a critical impact on its rise as a pharmaceutical center point. The industry's strong development in Nagpur has added to the city's financial advancement as well as to the accessibility of excellent healthcare items for the country.

1. Life Vision Healthcare

Lifevision Healthcare is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing organization situated in Nagpur, and it holds an exceptional spot in this rundown of top companies. Laid out with a dream to give excellent healthcare products to individuals around the world, Lifevision Healthcare has quickly gained acknowledgment for its obligation to greatness.

Lifevision Healthcare's manufacturing office in Nagpur is outfitted with present-day infrastructure and sticks to severe quality control measures. The organization's product range includes a wide exhibit of pharmaceutical definitions, covering different remedial sections, for example,


  1. Analgesics
  2. Anti-infectives
  3. Gastrointestinal drugs
  4. Cardiovascular medications
  5. Neurological drugs
  6. Dermatological products
  7. Nutraceuticals    

What separates Lifevision Healthcare is its determined spotlight on research and development. The company invests fundamentally in Research and development to foster innovative and compelling pharmaceutical arrangements. By staying at the front line of logical headways, Lifevision Healthcare intends to address neglected clinical requirements and work on understanding results.

Quality affirmation is at the center of Lifevision Healthcare's activities. The company follows stringent quality control methods at each phase of manufacturing, from sourcing unrefined components to the final packaging of products. This obligation to quality has procured Lifevision Healthcare a standing for delivering protected and solid pharmaceuticals.

Besides, Lifevision Healthcare puts areas of strength for on sustainability and natural obligation. The company executes eco-accommodating manufacturing practices to minimize its carbon footprint and lessen the effect on the climate.

Contact Information

Name - Life Vision Healthcare

Address - Plot No. 140-141, E.P.I.P., Phase -1, Jharmajri, Baddi, Distt. Solan (H.P.) - 174103

Phone Number - +91-9779978730

Mail ID

2. Lupin Limited

Lupin Limited is a worldwide pharmaceutical organization with a huge presence in Nagpur. The company is known for its excellent nonexclusive and branded pharmaceutical products. Lupin has cutting-edge manufacturing offices in Nagpur that stick to stringent quality standards, making it one of the top pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in the locale.

Address: Plot No. 1, Empire Estate, Central MIDC Road, Hingna Industrial Estate, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440016

3. Ipca Laboratories Ltd.

Ipca Laboratories Ltd. is a deep-rooted pharmaceutical company with a worldwide presence. With an emphasis on research and development, Ipca has introduced a few innovative pharmaceutical products on the lookout. They fabricate a large number of medications, including APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) and formulations in various therapeutic segments.

Address: Plot No. 165, 166, Central MIDC Road, Hingna Industrial Estate, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440028

4.Venkys (India) Limited

Venkys (India) Limited is fundamentally known for its presence in the creature healthcare area. They make a great many veterinary products, including vaccines, anti-microbial, and dietary enhancements for creatures. Their obligation to creature wellbeing has procured them a solid standing in the industry.

Address: Plot No. 69, S. I. C. O. F., V. I. A. A. B., Hingna Road, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440016

5. Cyano Pharma

Cyano Pharma is a pharmaceutical company that works in the production of nonexclusive pharmaceutical plans. They offer a wide range of pharmaceutical products, catering to different helpful regions. Their devotion to moderateness and openness has gone with them a favored decision for some purchasers.

Address: Plot No. A-92, Central MIDC Road, Hingna Industrial Estate, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440028

6. Vidarbha Pharma

Vidarbha Pharma is a pharmaceutical manufacturing organization that spotlights on producing excellent pharmaceutical plans. They have a powerful infrastructure and stick to stringent quality control measures, ensuring the security and viability of their products.

Address: Plot No. B-4, Central MIDC Road, Hingna Industrial Estate, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440028

7. Zim Laboratories Limited

Zim Laboratories Limited is a leading pharmaceutical organization that has practical experience in oral medication conveyance frameworks. They are known for their aptitude in developing and manufacturing orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs)and other high-level pharmaceutical definitions. Their obligation to quality and innovation has procured them a prominent spot in the industry.

Address: Plot No. 255/1A/2, Phase-IV, Hingna Industrial Estate, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440016

 8. Unijules Life Sciences Ltd.

Unijules Life Sciences Ltd. is a pharmaceutical company that underlines herbal and natural healthcare products. They make a scope of natural medicines, dietary enhancements, and conventional details. Their obligation to regular healthcare arrangements has made them a confided-in name in the industry.

Address: Plot No. 32, Central MIDC Road, Hingna Industrial Estate, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440028

 9. Blue Cross Laboratories Ltd.

Blue Cross Laboratories Ltd. is a pharmaceutical company known for its different product portfolio, including pharmaceutical definitions, APIs, and veterinary products. They are devoted to producing great pharmaceuticals and have areas of strength in both homegrown and international business sectors.

Address: Plot No. W-18, M.I.D.C. Hingna Road, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440028

 10. Shilpa Medicare Limited

Shilpa Medicare Limited Restricted is a pharmaceutical company that spotlights the development and production of dynamic pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and intermediates. They assume a significant part in the pharmaceutical production network by supplying APIs to different pharmaceutical companies universally.

Address: Plot No. A-17, Central MIDC Road, Hingna Industrial Estate, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440028

 In Conclusion

Nagpur is home to a thriving pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, with a few top companies contributing to the area's development and development. These companies, including Lifevision Healthcare, are known for their commitment to quality, innovation, and patient-driven healthcare arrangements. As the pharmaceutical industry continues to develop, Nagpur's job as a pharmaceutical center is supposed to expand, bringing more progressions and opening doors to the locale.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question - List a few benefits of third party pharma manufacturing services.

Answer - The major benefits of choosing a third party pharma manufacturing are cost and time saving, scalability, flexibility, and bulk production. 

Question -  Which is the best pharma company in Nagpur?
Answer -
Lifevision Healthcare is the best company in Nagpur.